Emilie discovers a patina at the corner of a meeting: this set of techniques for coloring and fading the leather makes each product unique.

Seeking, for several years, a profession related to art and aesthetics, she became passionate about this noble material that is leather and for this profession that turns quality products into unique pieces according to its imagination, which it can finally let express itself.

Emilie first practices patina at home, on the shoes of her family and very quickly, she starts working as a colourist at Corthay, in the factory of Neuilly-Plaisance.
Quickly, it came to him the desire to create his company, to express his creativity and to affirm the image of his patina.

1 Expertise coloriste sur cuir

Unlike what is usually done in the world of patina on leather, she chooses to practice the patina brush and fingers. This technique is now recognized by the big boot makers of Paris.

2 Expertise coloriste sur cuir

Emilie Patine is created in April 2013. In 2016, the Emilie Patine factory is set up to develop the work in quantity for the outsourcing of professionals.

Like any true passionate, the desire to transmit is at the heart of Emilie’s concerns.

She thus trains, curious individuals but also, professionals, students in leather goods and bootmaker to transmit the art of the profession of colorist on leather.

«  Make dreams devour your life, so that life does not devour your dreams »

The leitmotiv of Emilie is signed Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, it is the promise of a work, although realized with the hands, thought with the heart …

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